Raphaël Lugassy

Raphaël Lugassy
photo: Raphaël Lugassy

I was told about Raphaël Lugassy’s work in the course of a casual conversation but the minute I checked his website it was clear that he was a major talent.

His overcontrasted black & whites, his choice of subjects, his constant tip-toeing on the edge of abstraction, his personal work, portraits, fashion series, chromatic experimentations – I like everything and would have his prints everywhere in my home in spite of being slightly blasé after 10 years in the business.

It’s obvious that Raphaël has acquired a style and style is the rarest thing in art.

Raised in Paris in an artistic environment which stimulates his curiosity, Raphaël is passionate about fine-arts since an early age (you’ll often find him hanging out at the Louvre’s Ancient Mesopotamia department). He picks up his first camera at age 16 and is initially self-taught.

After studying art history, he goes on to assist a few photographers and acquires thorough studio skills while still fine-tuning his own craft during his many travels and inspiring encounters.

Feeding his imagination with the works of Caillebotte, Velasquez or Caravage paintings rather than with traditional photography, Raphaël constantly produces a lot of personal work including a spectacular serie about organs that leads him to gather images from all around Europe.

Spotted by stylist Robert Rabensteiner with whom he collaborates frequently, Raphaël applies his aesthetics to unusual fashion series and unique portraits and now shoots for various magazines like l’Uomo Vogue, Lui, GQ Italia etc…