Sound & music design
photo: Raphaël Lugassy

The first time I heard Sourya’s music in 2001 it was already obvious that this 23 year old artist had a genius-like gift for melodies.

100% self-taught, Sourya had spent his teenage years making music in his room learning how to play every instrument while also mastering the complex craft of production, sound recording, songwriting and singing.

Drawing a faithful group of friends and fans to his irresistible talent and killer sense of humour, Sourya became a four-piece band whose name started to go around on the Paris scene of the years 2000’s.

Increasingly coveted by record companies, Sourya the band signs a publishing deal with Universal and releases their first album « Dawdlewalk » which the press describes as “Daft Punk meets Brian Wilson” offering a melancolic mix of digital and analog sounds.

French music mag Les Inrocks calls them “a prodigy”.

Meanwhile, Alan McGee – legendary boss of Creation Records (who discovered Oasis, Jesus and the Mary Chains and Primal Scream) – takes them under his wing, introducing them to the English market and singing their praises in the Guardian.

Today Sourya has downsized to being solo again and is exploring new soundscapes, juggling between his personal work for his next album and music commissions for advertising and film.

His all-encompassing skills means he is the fastest musician I have ever worked with as it seems music comes out of him completely effortlessly. It’s a true pleasure for everyone to work with his genius touch!

Here’s a playlist of his songs and below some of his commercial work.

You can watch his Antics episode ici.