Those last few years we have witnessed a major revolution in the advertising world and we see those changes as a fantastic opportunity.

We love to be asked for microcontent (instagram, facebook etc…) creation and production.

We can design and come up with ideas for photography, gifs, motion design, video, films etc… and also advise you on the right influencer to carry your message out depending on your budget.

You can see here, here or here some projects we designed from start to finish for the brands who put their trust in us.

We have also designed our talk show Antics.

Drop us a line at contact@mercenaire.com – we are here to find solutions to your problems.


As an agent my network is my main asset and how i get any kind of leverage.

I often find myself being asked off the record for assistance in recruitment processes as friends share their aspirations to change jobs and fashion or luxury companies tell me they have positions to fill.

I truly love doing it and I want to do more of it. I have been blessed with a pretty good internal emotional assessment compass and am often spot on when I match people with jobs.

Want to try me? It will be 100% confidential and my fee is negociable. Email recruitment@mercenaire.com


Implement your business in Paris

Mercenaire is the 3rd company i’ve set up and although I did not study business, law or accounting I have learned it all hands on and would love to offer my knowledge to foreign businesses who want to set up an office in Paris.

Whether its legal statuses (want to start a Ltd company? a sole proprietorship? etc) or finding an office in the right location for you, initiating the right sales strategy, finding the right PR etc… I find this processs so creative and fun and i will make sure that the legendary french red tape is made easy and not intimidating for you.

The fashion and luxury industry in Paris is still strong and vibrant and i believe you need someone like me on your side to succeed. Check out my track record of success and drop me a line at contact@mercenaire.com


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