Some people whose talent or work ethics has made an impression on me throughout the years…


Since our unforgettable day of partying with Amy Winehouse on a London rooftop ten years ago, Peggy and I have been good friends. She is a top agent and just left a big photo agency to set up her own. I know she’s onto something!

maïté robin

Once an assistant in Paris’s best studio, Maïté knows her photographic craft inside out. A few years ago she moved to Sydney to follow her heart. Now settled there she shoots portrait, location, landscapes, reportage – and all with a cute french accent!

sharon lewis

As a young adult I was obsessed with English band Pooka. I was lucky enough to meet Sharon who was half of that pionneering band – (my theory is that Bjork and PJ Harvey were inspired by her). Sharon is now a self-produced artist based in Brighton.


Probation is a photo agency in London founded by Matt Davey. Matt used to be Art & Photographic Commissioner at EMI so he’s a pro at both music and image. In his ecclectic roster I am a huge fan of Eliott Lee Hazel‘s & Leif Podhajsky‘s.


is a photo production company led by my long time friend Johanna Scher. Based in Paris, I’ve always loved her enthusiam and attention to detail. She’s got that special touch!


You won’t find a more trustworthy, spiritual and gifted agent & producer based between London & Basel. Also a prolific creative adviser, Sarah is famous for making me laugh until I pee in my pants.


Stevie Wilde and me go back a long way: London in 2005! He has since founded an impressive recruitment agency scouting global positions in fashion, photography, production and advertising!

the australian fashion chamber

I spent some time in Sydney last year and was introduced to Courtney Miller who runs the AFC. Her warm welcome down under really touched me and I’m in awe of the work she’s doing to promote Australian designers.

Liz Stringer

Someone simply told me that Liz is Australia’s current best songwriter, so I HAD to check her out. I wasn’t disappointed. Raw talent at its best. And also a gorgeous human being that I grew to know and love. Lucky me!


Bleubird, aka James Kicinski-Mccoy was the first blog I followed religiously. While travelling I got to spend some time with her and her gorgeous (gorgeous!) family. Now based in Nashville, James is a full-on entrepreneur, owner of shop TWO SON, founder of Mother Mag and still a major influencer.

Viggo Mortensen

Just kidding. And checking if you are paying attention.

Also, what website wouldn’t be improved with a picture of him?

Aine tyrrell

Aine is an irish songwriter living in Australia with an empowering story. Survivor of domestic violence, mother of 3, she bought a bus to escape her vindictive ex while the courts got their shit together. Force of nature, warrior, beautiful soul… You name it!


There is a hidden gem in Paris called the CCI. Nested behind closed doors, this beautiful building and institution has been a provider of craic in the heart of Paris for years. Concerts, conferences, exhibitions, I love going there to get my fix of Irishness.


Polyglot extraordinaire, Daniel is a casting director, a producer and a business partner for a number of upcoming fashion designers like Etienne Deroeux. SO yes that’s impressive but most importantly he has one of the brightest and kindest minds around.

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