Although I’ve never met them, these people have been greatly influential to me


Katy baggott

I first heard of Katy Baggott’s agency when I had just started working at my first junior agent’s job in London in 2006.

To this day I remember looking at her website and thinking at the time that she had nailed it: her selection felt like a statement of sheer class and confidence.

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Paul Mcguinness

As a teenager I was obsessed with a number of bands and songwriters and U2 were one of them. I started reading everything I could on their history and soon came about the role of their manager Paul McGuinness – described as the 5th member of the band – and how Paul seemed to have been hugely influential on the band’s extraordinary success.

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Gary vaynerchuk

My branding coach Linzi introduced me to Gary Vaynerchuk a couple of years ago telling me he was THE social media guru.

If you decide to type his name in google, make sure you put your out-of-office message on as you will probably be raptured for a good number of hours (or days considering the amount of content he puts out every day)

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It is highly intimidating to talk about one of the most important creative geniuses of all times, but I will try anyway.

I was introduced to Nietzsche’s work simply at school by my philosophy teacher and I can say that my whole life was changed by this discovery…

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