Judge a leader by their level of service, not their level of privilege.

- US Army Ranger*

Gratitude is very important for us. We are grateful for our clients, mentors, friends and followers.

When I got back from my sabbatical, I felt the urge to get involved in charity because I felt truly blessed from all these extraordinary moments and had to return the favor in my own way… Like some sort of karma, know what I mean?

I then got involved with the ESA who coordinate voluntary private tutoring for struggling pupils and also with Les Petits Frères des Pauvres a french charity whose mission is to offer company to isolated elders – their work is truly admirable. (You cannot imagine the number of elderly people totally isolated in Paris) (Right in front of us, in our buildings…).

But little by little founding Mercenaire started to take too much of my time… I decided to get involved differently.

I read somewhere that Coldplay donates 10% of their yearly profit to charity.  I thought I could apply the same rule to Mercenaire and that it would be my way of contributing for now. (That girl really believes she’s a rock star ah ah)

But I decided to split this amount in two: the first 5% of my yearly profit will indeed be donated to a charity. The idea would be to discover and support a new organization each year, that way we could also spread the word about them on our social media, explain their vision etc…

Therefore I’m inviting you to tell me about the charities that you love by sending info to sponsorship@mercenaire.com

The remaining 5% will be allocated to an artist.

One of the reasons why I do this job is because I can’t stand wasted talent… There is nothing more beautiful than a human being who realizes their full potential. I became an agent in a spirit of practical sponsorship: I try to contribute to the development and full expression of talented artists.

But I can’t help all the talents… Especially the ones that don’t have commercial potential. That’s why I will give the remaining 5% to an artistic project that needs to be funded.

Whether it’s a short film, an exhibition, a photo series, a prototype, an album, a fashion show or even a restauration project, send us your application at sponsorship@mercenaire.com and we will chose our favorite one.

We will also gladly promote it on to our audience which includes journalists and influencers in order to give you more exposure.


* I love this sentence because I have to admit I notice major confusion regarding leadership nowadays. It’s like success is defined by the amount of privileges granted to people… Don’t you think it should be the opposite ?

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